Tuesday, May 31, 2016

New Page: Python Libraries

I gave a talk at Enfuse 2016 on learning Python, and the responses I got after that talk were very appreciative and encouraging for me. I believe that everyone should invest in themselves to learn some programming. I was glad to hear that many others feel the same way, but I was not so glad to hear about the struggles that many of you are having in that learning process. With this post, I am hoping to give some help in that regard.

The number one takeaway I got from attendees after that session was the mention of some of the libraries that I use, and the key benefits that I got from them. After hearing so much about that, I got to thinking about that myself and realized that I experienced the same thing when I was learning Python, and I still do as I learn new areas of Python. There are a huge number of libraries available to accomplish many tasks, and these will make the writing of our tools so much easier. The hard part is finding those libraries and deciding which of the many options are the best for our current purpose.

The goal of this new page is for John and I to put up the various libraries that we have used in the projects that we create and give some background information on why we chose it over others. The list will be growing over time as we add, and it a certain entry warrants an extra bit of info, we will write up a blog post so we don't clutter that page up too badly. The format may change as it grows to make it easier to manage and read.

Hope you find this useful and good luck on your Python adventures!


James Habben

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