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March 17, 2023

Public Amazon Machine Images

by John Lukach

Amazon Web Services (AWS) currently has approximately 1,268,858 Public Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) in 27 regions from about 11,756 accounts. The risk is that these publically exposed resources could contain credentials that provide access to additional resources. I needed a way to passively and quickly scrub a list of account numbers looking for exposed resources regularly.

import boto3
import hashlib
import requests

client = boto3.client('organizations')

paginator = client.get_paginator('list_accounts')
response_iterator = paginator.paginate()

response = requests.get('')
data = response.json()

def calculate(account):
    hasher = hashlib.sha256()
    sha256 = hasher.hexdigest().upper()
    return sha256

for page in response_iterator:
    for account in page['Accounts']:
        print('** '+account['Name']+' **')
        sha256 = calculate(account['Id'])
        for region in data['regions']:
            for value in region['sha256']:
                if value == sha256:
                    print(' - '+region['region'])

tags: Amazon - Public - AMIs